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  • The deposit payment is payable upon booking and forms part of the total payment for the shooting event so is not refundable after the event.
  • Pre-booking at least 2 weeks in advance is recommended for this event so please book early to avoid disappointment.
  • Event held at well equipped modern indoor shooting range in the International Drive / Universal Studios area 10 mins drive from International Drive or 30 mins drive from Kissimee. Full map and directions are emailed to you once you have booked the event with us.
  • Self drive (e.g. hire car) is by far the quickest and most practical way to get to the shooting range. Taxis are also practical option with the fare working out out approx. $25 from International Drive or about $50 from Kissimee per taxi (one way).
  • Weekdays only (Mon-Fri).
  • Choice of either 12pm or 2pm start time.
  • Minimum 1 person – Maximum 12 people. Group size refers to total number shooting in your group regardless events chosen.
  • Suitable for older children (14+ years old and 4′ 6″/135 cm or taller). Whilst the normal starting age for the adult events is 14, if the young person is bigger than average for their age and has had some previous experience in the UK with shooting airguns and/or shotguns etc we may be able to reduce this limit to 12 years old at the instructors discretion.
  • Please note that any under 21s in your group will typically need to be accompanied by at least one parent.  If this is not the case with your group we will try to be as flexible as possible but please contact us before booking with the relevant details of the young person and the adult taking responsibility for him/her (e.g. grandfather shooting with his 19 year old grandson, or a 45 year old uncle shooting with his 15 year old nephew) and we will advise you if any problems. 
  • For safety reasons all of our shooting events assume zero knowledge or skills with firearms.
  • Ear and eye protection is provided at no extra cost at the range and is compulsory when shooting, or in the immediate area that shooting is taking place.
  • Pregnant women should not participate in the shooting due to possible damage to the the hearing of unborn babies (please see paragraph 17 in our terms and conditions of booking).
  • Guns and booze do not mix! For everyone’s safety any member of your party suspected to be under the influence of alcohol will not be allowed to participate in the shooting event.



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